Sunday, February 5, 2012

Those things are HUGE!

Its been quite some time since we've ventured out to Monroeville for anything beyond Miracle Mile.  Its just such a pain to get all the way down 22, especially on a Saturday afteroon.  The kids had a birthday party at Giggles & Smiles - cool place - an indoor playground in the mall.  I learned a great fun fact on this one though, you can drop your kid off if they're 3 & potty trained while you shop and they watch them for up to 3 hours.  Someone should probably put something like this in every mall in the world. 

So after leaving there, I was starving.  I was thinking about Taipei Tokoyo, which is my favorite sushi place in the area, but we're hauling 1 sleeping BabyGray, and 1 wound up BigBrother, and looking out the mall windows seeing whirling snow as we walk past the Saga doors.  That sounds about 100 times easier than going outside, loading the crew in the car, driving 500 yards, and then unloading again.  Saga it is!!

We've been to Saga a few times before for hibachi and sushi.  I've always thought it was good, but like I said, Monroeville Mall has become less and less of a destination for us, so it has been probably well over a year since we've been here.  For lunch,  we decided to share some sushi - because when you want sushi, nothing else will do!!

Who:  Me, IPA-hole, and the kids.
Where:  Saga Hibachi Steakhouse
What:  Fantastic Roll ( yellowtail, salmon, avocado topped with spicy lobster, jalepeno, & tobiko) *winner
            Million Roll (crunchy spicy tuna with 3 different colors of tobiko on top)
            Foxy Lady Roll (salmon, yellowtail, tuna, avocado)
            Crab Rangoons
            Miso Soup for BigBrother

Fantastic Roll was the winner - just enough heat and so yummy!  Million Roll was extra colorful; so interesting that BigBrother wanted a bite of the red one - which he then spit back out.  Foxy Lady Roll wasn't bad, just not as good as the others, but a good choice if you're looking for soy paper instead of seaweed. Not to mention, all three were HUGE.  The slices were big, the rolls were big.  I'm not sure if the sushi chef was living large that day, or if he always makes them that way.  At any rate, we stuffed ourselves.

So the verdict:  If you're at the mall and don't feel like driving over to Taipei Tokoyo, then head on in to Saga!  I do prefer Taipei Tokoyo, but I wasn't disappointed in Saga.  As far as hibachi there, we'll have to try that some other time.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, folks!  Next week, I'll be venturing out with the dining team and maybe IPA-hole will take me somewhere special for Valentine's Day.  I'll keep you posted.


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  2. We went again, and I have to say, I checked the blog for the sushi winner to order again... and it wasn't good. This time we were there for Hibachi 'cause the kids think its great. The performance was good, the food was ok. I'd rather go to Robokyo for hibachi, Tai Pei Tokoyo for sushi. I may have to switch to a thumbs down.

    I started to read other reviews and I agree - QUALITY HAS DECLINED!