Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mexican - American Shorty

Last night, BigBrother wanted quesadillas for dinner.  I'm all about it, so we hopped in the car and headed down the road to our local Picante for dinner.  Well, turns out that grumpy waiter that we had at Patron is working at my beloved Picante.  Although, this time, he's pleasant, upbeat, and keeps pinching BabyGray's cheeks...

Where:  Picante
Who:  me, IPA-hole, & the kids
What:  me - Camarones al mojo de ajo
           IPA-hole - Shrimp Fajitas
           The Kids - Quesadilla

I find it funny that they call mine Camarones al mojo de ajo (basically shrimp in a garlic sauce) and IPA-hole's Shrimp fajitas are all English.  All are good; I might eat mine for breakfast.

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So that was the Mexican part, this is the American part - its a 2-fer.  The other day, after a GREAT Penguins win, IPA-hole wants to take PickyMIL & FIL to BRGR to eat.  Long story short, he gets on the HOV lane heading north out of the city instead of Bigelow Blvd to go to Penn Circle. We quickly regroup and decide instead of trying to go back into the city, we'll just head to the BRGR in Cranberry.

This one is nice.  Its much bigger than the one in Penn Circle, and open.  So its easier to get a table, but the overall feel isn't quite as cool.  (Don't worry, I'm going to the Penn Circle one soon).

Where: BRGR Cranberry
Who: me, IPA-hole, PickyMIL & FIL, & the kids.
What:  me - Cease & Desist
            IPA-hole - Fire in the Hole
            PickyMIL - King Salmon
            FIL - Average Joe
            The Kids - Mac & Cheese
            Appetizer - BRGR Perogies *winner

I also got a Toasted Almond spiked shake, that I shared with PickyMIL.  Delish! 

Stay tuned for BRGR Pittsburgh!

BRGR on Urbanspoon

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