Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nicky's Thai Kitchen

Tom Kha
Somehow, some way, I managed to try so many things from Nicky's Thai Kitchen menu last night!  I was so proud of myself! 

Nicky's Thai Kitchen is on Penn Ave downtown.  I don't know how long its been there, or how many times I've walked or driven past.  Its through a narrow door (that you'll probably miss if you're not really looking for it) with all kinds of Thai statutes and sculptures, paintings, and art covering most of the walls.  Its tight in there, but I feel like it added to the experience - I kinda felt like it was better and more authentic with more people around.  Proximity also made it much easier to creep on everyone else's dinner choices.

After staring at the extensive menu, and then the additional special menu,for about a half hour or more, we were able to come to some decisions.

Spring Roll
Apps:  Fresh Spring Roll, Peanut Fried Tofu, Tom Kha, Appetizer Sampler

Peanut fried tofu
Vegahimsa:  Vegan Duck Curry
OnionHater:  Pad Thai
EasyD:  Shrimp Salad
Chickie:  Pork Fried Rice
CDO:  Nicky's Thai Sampler

Appetizer Sampler
Vegan Duck Curry
The appetizer sampler had egg rolls, dumplings, crab rangoons, shrimp toast, curry shrimp cakes, and chicken satay.  If you like this kind of thing, and its available (was on the special menu), I would go for it, we managed to get a couple bites of so many things with coordinating sauces. The Spring Roll and Peanut Fried Tofu are vegetarian options on the table.  Peanut sauce is on the tofu and the chicken satay - delicious enough that we started putting it on other things.  Tom Kha is light, creamy, and unique - if you like subtle coconut, try this.

So the most interesting of choices was the Vegan Duck Curry.  How on earth does that work, you ask?  Its a Vegan duck, as in not a quack-quack duck, but a duck made out of something else.  Then, you cook it in traditional Thai fashion with curry and veggies and you're now eating a vegan duck curry.  Fascinating, isn't it? 

Pad Thai
Pad Thai was delicious, Pork Fried Rice also delicious.  Both safe and yummy go-to options. If you're new to Thai food and not ready to jump full force into a vegan duck or a #8 curry, you will not go wrong here. For those not familiar with the number system, at Thai restaurants, they ask for your heat-level in number form on a 1-10 scale (curry starts at 3).  OnionHater, without thought,  blurted out #7 on Pad Thai as she ordered, to which we all gasped and she quickly retracted.  Remember, you can make it spicier, but I'm not sure if you can bring it down.

Nicky's Combo
I was ready for it, I know my number - its a 4 - and I went in for the Nicky's Combo.  So smaller portions of some staples - Tom Yum soup, fried rice, Pumpkin Curry (shrimp), & Duck Curry. My personal favorite was most definitely the duck, but the whole concept of this plate made it a great idea.  I had Duck Curry and fried rice for breakfast this morning and IPA-hole hovered until I finally gave in and let him have the rest of the pumpkin curry leftovers.  He's raving too.
Pumpkin Custard w/ black sticky rice

Custard w/ sticky rice
Back to last night, we did dessert.  All variations on the same - custard and sticky rice.  One was regular custard and white sticky rice, pumpkin custard and black sticky rice, and then just pumpkin custard.  Black sticky rice wins.  There is something so addicting about black sticky rice!  It doesn't look like what it tastes like - sweet, sticky, chewy, awesomeness.

So, I'm having Tom Yum soup for lunch tomorrow.  With everything, I barley touched it last night.  This was a great place to grab a bit.  Loved it!  Enjoy!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013



I sit here, enjoying my leftovers from last night's dinner, thankful that I'm not eating spaghettiO's like BigBrother.  A few members of the dining crew got together last night to check out Verde on the line between East Liberty & Garfield.

The bright green building on the outside sure made it stand out.  Patio looks like it could be a great time when the weather is actually nice, which wasn't this night.  Dining room was busy, no wait for our table.  Our server was good, but a little slow.  There were signs up for brunch, so we asked, and it seemed like the entire staff was pushing brunch.  That and they kept mentioning what used to be on the menu, which I found strange.

We sampled some margaritas, the favorite being the Jalapina, I went with the Hibiscus, and there was a Blonde Ambition and a St. Basil.  All very good.


Appetizers - Huarache del dia, Ceviche, Guacamole
EasyD - Carne Asada
Onionhater - Brisket Tamale special
Vegahimsa - Enchilada Napoleon
CDO - Tacos de Pollo
Desserts - Tres Leches, Sopapilla

The winner here was the Carne Asada, cooked perfectly, with excellent chimichurri.  EasyD raved about the sweet potato gratin that came with it.  Huarache del dia was basically a veggie flatbread of the day.  Ceviche was tasty and had some spice, but nothing remarkable.  Brisket Tamale had a sweet sauce and brought some modern American twist to the Mexican, but still not knocking me off my feet.  And my chicken tacos were good, had some serious heat, but again, nothing remarkable. 

Tacos de Pollo

So here's the deal.  I think if you want to grab some snacks and have some adult beverages on a cool patio, this might be your place.  I think if you're looking for "modern Mexican cuisine" - as their website states - eh, there's probably a Mad Mex closer to your house with more choices that cost less.  Everything about it was good, not great. I'll be at Picante.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

New Years in Salem

Happy New Year!

We welcomed 2013 in Salem, Massachusetts with a fabulous group of friends!  As time goes on, and as it always does, we keep adding kids to this clan.  We are up to 3 with one on the way - which is fabulous for us, our boys are not the only kids at the party!  But what that also means is the party has calmed down a bit, the board games are more important than drinking games, craft beer tasting replaces chugging Miller Light, or, God help us, Natty Light (I think IPA-hole just cringed, remembering that he willingly drank large quantities with these folks in college).  Yeah, starting to sound familiar, isn't it?

It seriously took us 18 hours to drive from Pittsburgh to Salem in a exciting snow storm - the WHOLE way.  That was tons of fun for everyone in our car.  Once we did finally get there, the ladies barely left the house.  We rented a typical New England small town house, built in 1846 named the John Edwards House.  We ventured out to the shops and found some great boutiques like Pamplemousse  and right up my alley, The Roost - where I discovered my new nursery theme if we ever decide to have another child.  It was cold, as New England is expected to be, and quaint, and charming, and an easy place to feel comfortable.  We did notice remnants of the Halloween-time rush that Salem is known for, but it didn't seem like its only shtick. 

We've gotten our group down to a system, each of us choosing meals and doing a lot of cooking at the house instead of going out - easier with baby schedules and allows us more time to spend talking to each other.  We never shut up.  So the menfolk did take an afternoon and hit the town for a pub crawl. No idea where IPA-hole and his buddies went, but they were happy with the beer selections they found and returned home in GREAT spirits - they were straight up giddy & rowdy. 

The ladies also got an afternoon, but ours wasn't a pub crawl.  We hit the awesome boutiques, a consignment shop, and for lunch it was The Flying Saucer Pizza Company.  Its a funky little joint, with a Star Trek theme, good beer, and great pizza.  We grabbed a few pizzas and beers:

  • The Picard - Mozzarella and asiago cheese with thinly sliced potatoes, Canadian bacon, rosemary, chopped garlic, Parmesan, and olive oil on the crust, no sauce
  • The Gosek - Red sauce, clam, arugula, feta, topped with a sprinkle of lemon juice
  • The Serenity - Olive oil, crushed garlic, spinach, sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, no sauce

Picard was most definitely the favorite.  The Gosek, contrary to what it sounds like, was not clammy.  And the Serenity was nice and light.  I'm not a Trekkie, but I have to admit, I enjoyed the theme and found it lots of fun.
Tavern on Urbanspoon
The other restaurant we ventured out to was The Tavern.  Unfortunately, for me, it was forgettable.  Don't get me wrong, the food was good, but nothing jumped up and down screaming "EAT ME!" so I settled for Philly Steak Mac & Cheese, and IPA-hole grabbed the Buffalo Chicken version.  Cheesy goodness, but heavy and again, forgettable.  Although, my assessment might be slightly skewed... 
See, down at our end of the table we decided that the 3 kiddos should sit together.  Yup, chaos ensues. BigBrother is in the worst mood, argues with basically everybody and everything, only to pass out at the table.  Great.  In the meantime, BabyGray and his new little girlfriend decide that sitting at the table, eating and giggling, hanging with moms & dads is not quite enough.  They need to toddle around the restaurant, visit the tables that have TVs on them, run as fast as they can away from the table, you know, all those crazy things that newly independently mobile kids do - they wanna move around and grab stuff.  Like other people's stuff.  And he's gonna do everything in his power to get there, which involves cuteness and trickery.  If you don't have kids, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about.  To those who are familiar, yeah, you know the drill - one of those kidless friends thinks they'll be helpful and give mum-dad a break, which we totally appreciate, believe me!   Well, with the best of intentions, they come grab that tricky little devil and unhook his high-chair seatbelt - toddler success!  And he'll sit with them, for about 3 minutes, then he has squirmed and thrashed and kidless friend loses their grip - and now there's a toddler on the loose.  He's cute as hell, but just try catching him and getting him back in that seat WITHOUT creating a scene.  Check, please...
Yup, its a far cry from New Years Eve years ago when we were chasing a highly intoxicated IPA-hole and his buddies, squirming and thrashing down a snowy New England street at 3am as they reenacted their version of Call of Duty, trying to get them back in the house without creating a scene. We didn't grab our stuff and run though, the ladies giggled uncontrollably and encouraged the mischief, probably because we were just as intoxicated and didn't know how one should reenact Call of Duty. 
Ah, the memories...  I'm sure we'll keep creating more everyday! 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

And I Don't Mean Waffles.

So I took October off from writing, simply because we were too busy eating... And then November came and went.  Thanksgiving was at our house again!!  Now its December. Ugh. If you've ever tried it, the hardest thing about having a blog is actually writing the blog.

Where to begin? Let's go to  Point Brugge in Point Breeze for some Belgian cuisine.  Yes, I said Belgian, and I don't mean waffles.  And apparently, I don't really mean Belgian cuisine either, maybe just beer this time...

What makes Point Brugge so cool is that its tucked away on a residential street in a quiet Pittsburgh neighborhood.  Funny thing, when IPA-hole and I lived in this end of the city so many moons ago, we always talked about going here and never made it.  Now I've been invited by a few friends for a great birthday dinner.  IPA-hole is jealous.

Point Brugge CafeThe place is absolutely packed.  We're there early enough and can't move.  The restaurant is small, and people are everywhere.  We saw some local newscasters enjoying a meal while we were there, if that adds any credibility. Its on a residential street, tucked away from the world. If you don't know what you're looking for, I promise you, you won't find the place.  I drove past it before I knew that I had arrived, and I knew where to go.  And that's what makes it so cool.  People are hanging out on the sidewalk on a beautiful October night, chatting with other diners, really bringing that local identity to the joint.  We are all there to eat.  Community, food, beer, dessert - ahh, dessert - what else do you want?  A woman was sitting at the bar and had just ordered her dessert with her son as we enjoyed our pre-dinner cocktails and waited for a table.  OMG - pumpkin cake something or other.  I brought one home for IPA-hole and I am now disappointed with myself for not taking a picture of this divine endeavour.  

There are only three of us, luckily, because there is no way the usual 8 or 9 were going to have any chance at snagging a table.  Vegahimsa, Chickie, and I scored a little mosaic table in the middle of the hustle, and the atmosphere is just buzzing.  It kinda feels like we're hanging out on an awesome patio, and then they're going to bring us food.  And beer.  Great beer selection, Belgian style dominated, of course - my favorite.  I'm not sure how the beer board stacks up during other times of the year, but they had some seasonal greats waiting for us. 

So after staring at the menu and chatting, we came to the conclusion that we were going to need to do small plates and share, and bail out on formal dinner.  You would think that this would be slightly challenging when out with Vegahimsa, but she tends to open us up to things we wouldn't have normally chosen without her.  So here's the lineup:

 ~ Cheese Board
 ~ Mediterranean Platter  *Big Fat Winner
 ~ Crab Cakes
 ~ Chicken Skewers
 ~ Mango & Tofu
 ~ Macaroni Gratin
 ~ Brugge Frites

This, friends, is my favorite way to eat.  You aren't limited to the food on your own plate - everything is there to share and you get to try so much more!  First out was the Cheese Board and the Mediterranean Platter.  Cheese board was good, nice tasting of some different cheeses.  I'm sure the selection changes constantly, and this board's size & variety is a great way to start a meal - a true appetizer to get you started.  The peppers, nuts, and figs in the middle provided perfect balance.  Have to note the figs, they popped up in a couple of places and they added just a perfect sweet to the plate.  At the same time comes the Mediterranean Platter.  Yes, big fat winner.  The red pepper walnut dip was tremendous!  It was a little sweet and a lot of savory. The garlic hummus was delicious, and also on this plate were olives, tomatoes, cucumber, and flatbread, of course, for dipping.  The picture doesn't do justice, it was so fresh and tasty, we probably could have just had this and chatted all night.  But as always, we overindulge, so there was more coming...

Crab cakes & chicken skewers were tasty, but nothing to revisit or even talk about. Vegahimsa ends up including tofu dishes most of the time.  Chickie and I, if left to our own devices, would never even consider ordering such a thing.  So here comes Mango & Tofu - sweet and different.  Well, maybe its normal for tofu, but different for those of us who don't have it very often.

Macaroni Gratin = big kid mac & cheese.  This has a great blend of cheeses:  Gruyere, Parmesan, & Cheddar.  Not gooey cheesy, but cheesy cheesy.  I think we were so happy with the first two plates, we were bored once we got to the rest.  Brugge Frites are french fries.  For some reason, both Chickie and I read the menu to be sweet potato, not regular potato.  No idea how we got there, I've read the menu over and over to try to figure out why it registered that way for both of us with no collaboration.  No clue.  The little gem here was the basil mayonnaise.  Basil gave it a bit of light, fresh flavor that went great with the twice fried frites.

All in all, Point Brugge has got a very cool vibe, that we were definitely in to.  I am kicking myself for hopping over the Belgian food on the main menu.  That was kinda dumb considering we went to the Belgian restaurant.  I think we'll have to go again, skip all the apps (except the Mediterranean), and dive into the meat of the menu.

Thanks again for dinner, ladies.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

GF: Good Food, Gluten Free, Great Friends, your choice.

Happy Fall!  This is my favorite time of year! 

As we jump into September, all the birthday dinners start lining up.  This should be a busy month for us!  My dear friend, CandyRed, has the honors of having the first dinner this fall of many.  We'll call her CandyRed because, when we growing up I noticed she always had candy around.  Then we decided to be roomates for a while.  Yeah, she always had candy in the house.  Red, well, that's for obvious other reasons...

So SILiac and I want to go to dinner for CandyRed's birthday.  Her request is for the ever popular P.F. Chang's.  I smile at this choice.  First off, Chinese food may be my biggest weakness.  Secondly, location-wise, it makes sense for all involved - no parking issues, easy to get to, no wait on a Tuesday.  And thirdly, I must add, I think its a great value.  You can get yummy food, and a good amount of it, for not-a-lot of money. And lastly, even the pickiest eater can find something that they can get into it.  Who doesn't like lettuce wraps???? 

Now, most people have been to P.F. Chang's, so how is this assessment going to be any different? Well, this is the first attempt a group dinner with a gluten-free necessity.  Seriously, SILiac is so sensitive now, and we were doing our best not to ruin her night.  She would like me to add that the GF menu was impressive for a chain with plenty of options.  So we ended up doing some comparisons - GF vs. regular Lettuce Wraps and Mongolian Beef.  Suprisingly, for both, we preferred the GF versions.  The lettuce wraps, however awesome they are anyway, the GF were a little less saucy and tasted fresher.  The difference here was minor, but noticed. GF Mongolian Beef was tangy and had more flavor than the regular.  Texture was awesome on both accounts, absorbing just the right amount of suace.And a side note, an outside source is telling me that the GF noodles are all better than regular.  Something to consider.

Here's the line-up:

Apps ~ Crab Wontons, Lettuce Wraps (GF & Regular), Egg Drop Soup, Hot & Sour Soup
CDO ~ Crispy Honey Shrimp
IPA-hole ~ Kung Pao Shrimp *winner
SILiac ~ GF Mongolian Beef
Zig ~ Caramel Mango Chicken
CandyRed ~ Chang's Spicy Chicken
Bearded Palate ~ Mongolian Beef

For our line-up, we did the P.F. Chang's for Two.  We decided that if one was going to order the Crispy Honey Shrimp and the Kung Pao with Crab Wontons anyway, then itshould probably just be.  I go back to the great value idea.  Two of the three couples (not Siliac & Zig) jumped on it.  Soups were satisfactory.  Crab Wontons are always a crowd pleaser with tastable crab! GF Lettuce Wraps win on the apps, but not overall.  The winner for the night, by a landslide, was IPA-hole's Kung Pao Shrimp.  Spicy, crispy, flavorful.  It had heat, but not too much, it had flavor, but not overpowering; just right.  Crispy Honey Shrimp is my go-to, being sweet and sticky and crispy, perfect with rice, but I did prefer the Kung Pao. 

The Caramel Mango Chicken and the Chang's Spicy Chicken underdelivered.  Caramel Mango somehow managed to lose the caramel-mango flavor, and Thai basil may have taken over. It was decent, don't get me wrong, but was more like a sweet chicken and maybe would do better as a shrimp??  Chang's Spicy seemed to overdo the spicy just a smidge.  Kung Pao's spice was spot on by comparison. 

And lastly was dessert.  When you do the dinner for two, dessert is part of the deal.  Just to be aware, take a look , that's what they are.  For me, that's the right size for dessert. I don't need the Great Wall of Chocolate that makes my stomach ache just looking at it.  Aching because its huge, and tasty, and so big that you feel like you have to meet the challange and finish it.  SILiac chose the Flourless Chocolate Dome, which was also tasty.  Apparently, it's difficult to find decent GF pastries.  However, this is not marked as GF, and SILiac noticed something was off, so I'm thinking that this bad boy was the culprit. 

I wish I spoke Chinese, I'd say something cool here, like a fortune cookie.  I'm not that clever.  GF stands for what?  Good Food? Gluten Free?  Great Friends?  Your choice.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mexican Reruns

No, no telemundo today, but we do visit most of these establishments more than once.  Sometimes to give them a second chance (to Rey Azteca:  my coworkers and I will NOT be giving you a third chance), sometimes to ensure that they are as good as we thought they were after we had that 2nd glass of wine, and sometimes, we go just because its that good and we want to go again. 

Let's revisit Picante.  We go here frequently - its very close to our house and the food is always good and Mexicany.  I don't usually bring it up because of how often we grab quesadillas for BigBrother and I don't want you to know how often we're eating here because I'm not cooking, but this time I will because I discovered a new favorite - the California Burrito.  By their own description, its a BIG burrito - and that it is - stuffed with chicken, rice, & beans.  The salsa verde,guacamole, and cheese sauce on top are so tasty.  The whole thing is salty, cheesy, with some tang from the salsa verde.  I just really like this one.  Here's the lineup:

Where:  Picante
Who:  Me, IPA-hole, FrontloaderB, & Learning to Share
What:  Me:  California Burrito
      IPA-hole:  Chicken Fajitas
      FrontloaderB:  Steak Fajita
      Learning to Share:  Taco Salad

Picante Mexican Grille on Urbanspoon
I don't feel like fighting the group here for the winner.  Everyone thought their own was.  I think the margaritas were the winner.  We had a few, then went to see Ted for IPA-hole's birthday.  Just a quick heads up to the dads that were in the theater with their 10-year-old sons, and to other dads thinking that they should take their sons:  This is not a kids' movie.  Not even close.  Hilarious, but just NO.  Go with your friends.

Rey Azteca  on UrbanspoonAnd now I feel I must elaborate on Rey Azteca.  We ordered it for lunch at work one time.  They screwed up the order: 4 lunches from the lunch menu.  When we opened the bags, there were 3 lunches from the lunch menu and a bunch of chips.  I wouldn't have been so bitter if it wasn't my lunch that was missing.  So I called them and had to drive all the way back down to the restaurant to pick up the missing food.  Boo.  So let's add insult to injury, no one - especially not my lovely Celiac-managing sister-in-law (who we'll refer to as SILiac from here on) - got out of that meal without reprecussions.  We were all sick to our stomaches for the rest of the day.  That was cool with a full day of public interaction.  Ha!  Well, someone thought it would be a great idea to give them a second chance.  Same problem, only worse this time. No thank you, Rey Azteca, I'll hit up the local Taco Bell if a need frijoles that badly - at least my food has always found its way into the bag before it left the restaurant.

Good Mexican, Bad Mexican,  stay tuned for something new.


Monday, July 23, 2012

This is my Happy Place (Part 2)

The Foodstands.

So, we shake off a couple of Bloody Marys while laying on the beach, and then hang around until our wonderful Enabler prepares a fabulous dinner at home. 

Seaside has an excellent assortment of beach food options.  I'm talking about the airstreams and small beach front joints that you walk up to and take away some great lunches - we've got Meltdown on 30A, Bud & Alley's Taco Bar, Bud & Alley's Pizza Bar, Amavida, the Shrimp Shack, or Pickles and the previously mentioned Barefoot BBQ
Meltdown on 30A on UrbanspoonSo this is the best part of the menu at Meltdown on 30A.  Its a little blurry, but it definitely says "Brie and Bacon on Cranberry Walnut Bread."  Yes it does.  And that's all I was interested in eating at this airstream food stand.  We actually had to make a special trip over there on the day we were leaving to make sure that  I got to try this.  Brie is just so creamy, and everything is better with bacon.  So now we have creamy, salty, savory, so what else do we need?  Let's add sweet & nutty - Cranberry Walnut bread.  Yay!  The perfect grilled cheese.  I will try this at home. 

Bud & Alley's Taco Bar on UrbanspoonBud and Alley's is a known name in Seaside.  We spend quite a few nights (less now that the kids are involved) sitting upstairs at their rooftop bar - The Tarpin Club (now called the Roof Deck Bar??) - eating crab claws and smoked tuna dip!  Never disappointing.  Bud & Alley's Taco Bar is down with the shops, so I decided to swing by for lunch because BigBrother wanted his usual quesadillas, while IPA-hole & FrontloaderB headed back to Barefoot BBQ.  We have eaten pretty much everything on this menu.  I'm all about the tacos and will change it up based on the mood.  This time was a shrimp taco and a pollo taco, with a quesadilla for BigBrother.  Good stuff, nice, fresh flavor, great for a quick lunch.  And, inexpensive for Seaside's standards.  You can grab something quick, easy, and light with a margarita.  Yum.  Dumb move on our part: we missed the Cinco de Mayo party. 

Bud and Alley's Pizza Bar on UrbanspoonSo, besides the Taco Bar, Roof Deck Bar, and the original Bud & Alley's, they also have the Pizza Bar.  It used to be some Italian place with a fancy name, and snobby wine selection, but now boasts the Bud & Alley's name, with a much more relaxed atmosphere and some fun pizza.  We didn't stay to eat at the Pizza Bar, but ordered to go to enjoy as a family on our own deck.  Always arguing about which pizzas to order, this time was a Funghi for FrontloaderA, Margherita for Enabler & the kids, and Prosciutto de Parma for the rest of us.  There is something to be said for leaves on a pizza:  Its good!  Weird looking, but good.  Add some prosciutto and we are in business.  This was all followed up by some beers on our  top deck and lively politcal discussions.  Thank you, North Carolina, for your debate-stirring decisions right around vacation. Ain't nothing like debating states' rights, civil rights, and the role of government with a New Yorker, a southern girl, and 3 very opinionated Pittsburghers while sipping Sweetwater & Corona overlooking the beach as the sun goes down...  our neighbors hate us and we came to no solid conclusions.

Amavida Coffee on UrbanspoonIn the morning, after we'd argued into the wee hours (and by wee hours, I kinda mean 10pm), we roll out of bed, throw on some beach attire, and walk down to Amavida.  All I can say here is, thanks for the coffee, gentlemen. You hit the spot.

Shrimp Shack on UrbanspoonThe Shrimp Shack is owned by the Dawsons, who provide all of the ice cream in Seaside.  Another joint we'll hit for a quick lunch.  IPA-hole again hit Barefoot BBQ, again, and  I had to have a shrimp roll. Very good. Also good are the lobster rolls.  I usually end up popping in only once on the trip for 2 reasons: 1.  They take FOR-EV-VER.  2.  Its kinda expensive for lunch.  Its good, the atmosphere rocks, don't get me wrong, but not anywhere near the favorite.  I just can't pass up shrimp rolls or lobster rolls anywhere.  Not even at McDonald's in New Hampshire, but that's another story for another day.

Pickle's Snack Station on UrbanspoonAnd lastly, let's talk about Pickles.  Pickles Beachside Grill is the only fried food & burger stop in the whole town.  BigBrother refers to this as "the dirty restaurant." While he and IPA-hole are up ordering food, the grill master decides to start swatting flies.  I get it, its an outdoor, beachside snack stand, but let's not start batting down those little dirty creatures above the grill where you're cooking our food, please.  That and I had to take my dacquiri back twice because the kid doing the mixing had no idea that she needed to add something like strawberry mix to the rum & ice.  Again, don't get me wrong, I appreciate a stiff drink, but please try not to kick my ass over lunch with the kids.  Fruity is fabulous, rum and ice is for a different venue; I asked for strawberry.  Food comes from a fryer, its basic, and this is always the place to skip relative to everything else around.  Dawsons, you do so much better with your ice cream. 

I guess that'll sum up the Seaside snack shacks.  All together, I just love this place. Unfortunately, I'll leave Seaside alone and head home.