Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mexican Reruns

No, no telemundo today, but we do visit most of these establishments more than once.  Sometimes to give them a second chance (to Rey Azteca:  my coworkers and I will NOT be giving you a third chance), sometimes to ensure that they are as good as we thought they were after we had that 2nd glass of wine, and sometimes, we go just because its that good and we want to go again. 

Let's revisit Picante.  We go here frequently - its very close to our house and the food is always good and Mexicany.  I don't usually bring it up because of how often we grab quesadillas for BigBrother and I don't want you to know how often we're eating here because I'm not cooking, but this time I will because I discovered a new favorite - the California Burrito.  By their own description, its a BIG burrito - and that it is - stuffed with chicken, rice, & beans.  The salsa verde,guacamole, and cheese sauce on top are so tasty.  The whole thing is salty, cheesy, with some tang from the salsa verde.  I just really like this one.  Here's the lineup:

Where:  Picante
Who:  Me, IPA-hole, FrontloaderB, & Learning to Share
What:  Me:  California Burrito
      IPA-hole:  Chicken Fajitas
      FrontloaderB:  Steak Fajita
      Learning to Share:  Taco Salad

Picante Mexican Grille on Urbanspoon
I don't feel like fighting the group here for the winner.  Everyone thought their own was.  I think the margaritas were the winner.  We had a few, then went to see Ted for IPA-hole's birthday.  Just a quick heads up to the dads that were in the theater with their 10-year-old sons, and to other dads thinking that they should take their sons:  This is not a kids' movie.  Not even close.  Hilarious, but just NO.  Go with your friends.

Rey Azteca  on UrbanspoonAnd now I feel I must elaborate on Rey Azteca.  We ordered it for lunch at work one time.  They screwed up the order: 4 lunches from the lunch menu.  When we opened the bags, there were 3 lunches from the lunch menu and a bunch of chips.  I wouldn't have been so bitter if it wasn't my lunch that was missing.  So I called them and had to drive all the way back down to the restaurant to pick up the missing food.  Boo.  So let's add insult to injury, no one - especially not my lovely Celiac-managing sister-in-law (who we'll refer to as SILiac from here on) - got out of that meal without reprecussions.  We were all sick to our stomaches for the rest of the day.  That was cool with a full day of public interaction.  Ha!  Well, someone thought it would be a great idea to give them a second chance.  Same problem, only worse this time. No thank you, Rey Azteca, I'll hit up the local Taco Bell if a need frijoles that badly - at least my food has always found its way into the bag before it left the restaurant.

Good Mexican, Bad Mexican,  stay tuned for something new.


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  1. UPDATE: Thankfully, Rey Aztec is now closed and Picante is growing.