Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blue Heaven is a place on earth...

So we (me and my dear husband who, after this weekend I will be referring to as IPA-hole) spent the last three days in Key West for the wedding of some very dear friends.  AWESOME.  If you get the chance, I'd say go.  I have to point out, its not really a family vacation type of place, but its a damn good time! 

Anyway...  at the recommendation of my cousin and a few others, we went to a little place called Blue Heaven where I had the best breakfast I have EVER eaten - the BLT Benedict. 

BLT in this case stands for Bacon, Lobster, & Tomato.  This on top of an English muffin with a poached egg and Hollandaise sauce was absolutely delicous, even PickyMIL was into it!  My mouth is watering just sitting here thinking about it again.  Mmmmm.  IPA-hole's Surf & Turf Benedict was similar, but intead of bacon, he had steak and asparagus - so steak, lobster, asparagus, tomato, poached egg, Hollandaise on an English Muffin (his was good, mine was better).  Pair those up with a round of Grey Goose Bloody Marys, and it made for a fantastic start to a stellar wedding day!

Who:  Me & IPA-hole, his parents (PickyMIL & FIL), and some others
Where:  Blue Heaven
What:  Me & PickyMIL - BLT Benedict *winner
            IPA-hole - Surf & Turf Benedict *close second
            FIL - The Rooster Special *good blueberry pancakes - still just breakfast

I'd also suggest skipping the Conch Republic restaurant for something less touristy. We wasted a meal there b/c we were so hungry and it was right where our hotel shuttle dropped us off.  It was ok - that's it. 

Honorable Mention:  Conch Fritters at Fogarty's.  We sat outside and had some snacks and frozen drinks.  Love Conch Fritters (you know what conch is, right?) - if you haven't had it, give it a try!!  Fogarty's had the best ones we tried.  We had a sampler that also had good fish bites & shrimp.

For you craft beer types, IPA-hole says:  Try the Key West Pale Ale.  Its their version of a Yingling, but better.  Nothing spectacular, but worth a try.

All in all, I wish we had more time to try some more stuff.  Key West is cool.


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  1. IPA is his favorite type of beer. He's kind of a beer snob. and after a celebratory weekend in Key West, well, you can imagine...